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Mushroom Software was created and is dedicated to providing unique affordable software applications and cutting edge technological solutions such as shoeprint identification programs, FTO evaluation Programs, Field Interview Systems, and EMS software

The Primary emphasis for application development is on Law Enforcement and EMS Organizations. We are constantly looking for new ideas and applications that are in need of being developed to be user friendly and productive for the line level employee.

Company Profile:
Mushroom Software was started in 1994. In 1994 we created a Modus Operandi Database and a Report Writing System to test the acceptance and feasibility of mobile/Laptop police operations. 

 In 1995 we introduced the original version of the Shoewear Linking and Identification Program (SLIP). This program gained acceptance rapidly and has been proven to help in solving and linking crimes together.

In 1997 the court order writing system (COWS) was introduced for writing Search Warrants, Physical Evidence Orders, and Telephone Disclosure Affidavits.  The System is designed for use in Arizona.

In 1999, The Field Training Officer Reporting, Observation and Grading System (FROGS) was introduced as a total solution for performance oriented hands-on training.

In 2001, The Field Interview System for the Pocket PC was completed and introduced into the Law Enforcement Community

In 2005, The Identity Protection & Credit Monitoring Program 3.0 (I.P.C.M.P) was introduced as an upgrade from the original software.  The software now has two versions (Professional and Investigator Versions). 

In Fall 2005 the EMS, START/JUMPSTART program was introduced for the Palm and Pocket PC to help EMS personnel with the triage at a mass casualty incident.

Mushroom Software continually looks to the Public Safety Community for unique situations that require affordable, unique software solutions.



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